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For hundreds of years, Catholic art has been characterized by a sentimental and feminine tone. However, it is possible to shift this paradigm by emphasizing the use of symbolism and creating images that are more accessible to Catholics on a Intellectual, and 
spiritual level. By doing so, we can provide them with a visual representation of the heroes that we should aspire to be, and inspire us to emulate the virtues of the Saints. It is important to remember that the Saints are our role models, and that Christ is our King. Therefore, we strive to create art that reflects this fundamental truth. We seat The symbolic and the Masculine in its proper place so that sentimentality can then find its proper place in the hierarchy of meaning. . 

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Custom Sculpture

Custom Altar Appointments

Joe Maki Specializes In a unique blend of Romanesque and Renaissance style sculpture. His Style is focused on reducing sentiment, and focusing on the symbolism of the Characters. 

Candles sticks, Thuribles, altar cards, Sanctuary Laps, Sedailias, Altars, Acolyte Candles. 

We do it Custom and in America. No compromise on quality. 

Email or Phone, CONTACT US NOW! We usually get back to you with in 24 hours. (Carrier Pigeon Service Temporarily Down)

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At our studio, we create Catholic religious art that is both Traditional and contemporary. Our pieces are designed to reflect the beauty and richness of the Catholic artistic Tradition, while also speaking to the modern world. From Liturgical Appointments in the Church, to Sculptures for home, our art is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We are 100% made in America with no exceptions. Explore our selection today and experience the power of Catholic art for our times.


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Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of experiencing a wide range of  manufacturing industries. and unique opportunities. As a devoted husband and father of two, I have been with the joys and challenges of Catholic life. My professional background in manufacturing, rapid prototyping and my own woodworking company has provided me with invaluable skills in engineering, which have served me well in all aspects of my life. However, it wasn't until the of my first child that I discovered my true passion for sculpting. Looking back on my life, I can see how God's Hand has led me to this point, and I am grateful To Him that has brought me here. I devout every ounce of time i have now to studying the deep and forgotten traditions which guided the Churches hand in both Liturgical Design for Churches and Sculptures for home decoration and Devotion. 

This Mission is Dedicated to Saint Joseph, Saint Anthony of Padua, And Our Lady. 

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