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Brokkr Wood and Metal Working seeks to bring a fluid industrial style of heavy duty custom made furniture.  Built to last.

We chose the name of Brokkr, from the Norse God that forged the weapons of Thor and Odin. 


We use the strongest materials and engineer our pieces to last FOREVER. We don't use particle board or Laminates; this is the type of furniture that lasts generations. We create legendary pieces of Furniture that are American made, down to our materials and  hardware. We are carving a legacy out of wood and forge legends from steel.

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Custom Wood Engraving

Engravings with depth and detail of any design can be etched into all of our products depending on the build of furniture. There are restrictions that apply. Please contact us for details.

Custom Design

Have you been searching for the right piece of furniture for your home or business but can't seem to find it? Something that is truly, you? Years of experience have been our Baptism By Fire, and we are experts at giving you something completely custom. We will design something that is wholeheartedly you. Please Message us for more information...

Email or Phone, CONTACT US NOW! We usually get back to you with in 24 hours. (Carrier Pigeon Service Temporarily Down)

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We Want to Hear From You

 Are you ready for your household furniture to be as glorious and as battle ready as Valhalla's? Do not hesitate. Contact Brokkr Wood and Metal Working today. We will get you furnished like a God.




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At an undisclosed Location in the heart land of Northwest Indiana, here at Brokkr we believe that honesty is the best policy and are constantly trying to meet and exceed our customers expectation. We make you an integral part of the design process so that you become part of our team.  We then create a product that is truly one of a kind.

 We wholeheartedly love what we do and do not believe in using cheap materials. We believe in products that will last generations, not years. We hold strong to the old school mentality that American Industrialism was founded on. We are seeking to build furniture that is going to be tasteful and indestructible.

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